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Frequently Asked Questions

How to register?

To register for Summer Camp 2024, click on the link below. If you already have an account, you can log in – there is a “reset” option if you have forgotten your password. You can also use this link if you need to create an account.

Login | The Campus (



What if I don’t have email or internet access?

Give our Summer Camp Director, Jane Ventrella, a call during the week at 610-269-0619 x1. Jane will work with you to arrange registration and payment.


What is the pricing and are there discounts?

Our summer camp base pricing remains the same as 2023. We are offering tiered pricing based on the number of weeks each camper is registered for and there are “early bird” discounts being offered again this year. Please refer to our website for all pricing details: 

2024 TUITION | The Campus (


  • Discounts: The Sibling Discount does not apply to the first child (first child = the child attending the most weeks; age is not a factor). Discounts can be “stacked” so you can apply more than one discount at a time.


  • Administrative/Tech Fee: There is a $60 one-time administrative fee per child. This is only paid once and will be waived for returning campers.


  • Can I pay via check or cash? We offer online payment options including Echeck which has no surcharge fee. Credit card payments incur a 3.5% surcharge. If you want to pay with a check or cash, please reach out to Jane and she will help you.


What is the refund policy?

We have a strict NO REFUND policy. If your camper cannot attend a week, please let us know prior to the start of camp on June 10th. We will be happy to switch your week(s) as long as spaces remain open. If you cannot reschedule, a store credit will remain on your account. This credit can be used towards other programs offered by The Campus such as Learn to Skate or Birthday Parties. It can also be kept on account for up to one year and can be applied to the next summer camp season. It cannot be used for public skate sessions or for food purchases.


Is my past store credit still valid?

As of 12/31/2023, any credit from 2022 or prior has expired and can no longer be utilized. If you have a credit from 2023 and do not see it on your account, please reach out to our Summer Camp Director to discuss this.


Do you have a CIT Program?

For children/teens age 14 – 16, the Counselor in Training program is available. This is a volunteer program that allows young teens to gain work experience. Former campers are welcomed and can participate at no cost. The application process will open up after the new year. Please direct questions to our Summer Camp Director.


Do you have an after After School Care program?

We are currently operating our After School program and have space available!

To view more information, click on the link below.






What time do I need to drop off and pick up each day?


DROP OFF early as 7:00a.m.

PICK UP by 6:00p.m.

Before Care is from 7- 8:30a.m.

After Care is from 4:15 – 6:00p.m.


  • There is no need to register for before/aftercare. There is no additional cost - it is included in your tuition.


What do I need to know about medical information?

Your camper’s medical information is vital to ensuring the health and safety of all our campers and must be fully completed prior to your child’s arrival on the first day of camp attendance. 

To access the medical form, please log in to your CampBrain account and click on “view details” then click on the blue calendar icon next to your camper’s name/registration. You will see the list of forms. 

If your medical form lists “To Be Completed’, please make sure it gets done and is submitted as soon as possible. If your camper needs to have medication administered during the day, please email me and I will send you our medication authorization form. This form needs to be completed separately from our online process for any prescription or over-the-counter medication sent in from home. Medication should be sent in its original, labeled bottle or packaging. 

It is all imperative that all medical information is completed so our First Aid office can handle each illness and injury swiftly and appropriately.

Who is authorized to pick up my child?

Any person, including parents and guardians, must be listed in this section of your camper’s profile to drop off or pick up your child from camp. You can update this at any time, and you can add contacts up to one hour before pickup time (if you need to update permissions). Only those listed in this section will be permitted to pick up your child! If your name is not listed on the Authorized Pick-Up List, it may take us up to one hour to release your child.  


Do you have a swimming program?

All campers will have the pool and the creek area as part of their camp schedule.


All campers must take a swim test with us during their first pool session on Monday of each week. We record and save this information for the summer. If they pass, they get a wristband which indicates they can be in the pool without a life jacket. If they do not pass or opt not to take the swim test, campers must wear a camp-provided life jacket. We no longer allow campers to bring a flotation device from home. There are always two lifeguards on duty as well as the pool manager, counselors and CITs in the pool area. All lifeguards hold a current certification, and all staff are trained in CPR/First Aid.


All campers who choose to kayak are required to wear a camp-provided life vest. We also have at least one lifeguard stationed in the creek area for increased safety and supervision. A creek area manager will also oversee activities to ensure all proper procedures are followed.


What is the lunch menu and are there daily snacks?

Lunch as well as a morning and an afternoon snack are included with your tuition- there is no separate charge. We strive to maintain a nut-free facility. Our staff are trained in food allergy awareness and are made aware of any allergies/medical instruction for the campers in their group. Please refrain from sending your camper with any food that contains nuts of any kind. If your camper has any food allergy, please communicate that via the medical form. We can provide ingredient lists for the products we use. Your camper can also bring a nut-free packed lunch and/or snacks from home even if food allergies are not a factor. You can obtain a copy of the ingredient lists for the meals we serve by emailing or calling our Summer Camp Director to request that information.


What are theme days and how do field trips work?

Our Field Trip and Theme Day calendar is still being arranged for 2024 and will be posted prior to the start of camp. You can view the 2023 calendar on our website here: CAMP CALENDAR | The Campus (

To ensure that all families have the chance to register for field trips, registration won’t generally open until the week prior, especially for our smaller trips. Field Trips will be added to CampBrain and registration instructions will be provided each week.

Field Trips are available on a first-come, first-served basis and have an additional cost. Pricing varies based on the field trip destination. All field trips are optional. We do our best to open field trips at varying times to give every family the opportunity to register. Our trips tend to fill up quickly so watch your email closely during the Summer Camp season.

Campers who do not participate in any scheduled field trip will continue to follow a fun-filled camp schedule.


How do I contact the Summer Camp Director?

Jane Ventrella

610-269-0619 x1

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