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Special order catering for your birthday party, hockey team get together or special event.  

Check out our Team Meals here.

Download our order form below and email to


Cheese $16;  Pepperoni $18;  Veggie $18;  Buffalo Chicken $22

16" Campus Pizza

Choose from Hot, Mild sauce or BBQ.  Served with Ranch, Blue Cheese and Side of Celery.  24 pc $25; 36pc $40; 48pc; $55.

Chicken Wings

Breaded Chicken Fingers served with BBQ, Honey Mustard and Ketchup.  

12pc $20;   24pc $35;  36pc $55

Chicken Fingers

Breaded, Boneless Chicken Wings Served with BBQ, Honey Mustard and Side of Celery.  Medium Tray (60pcs) $65;  Large Tray (100pcs) $95

Boneless Wings

Breaded Mozzarella Sticks Served with Marinara Sauce.  

Choose from 20pc for $20 or 30pcs for $30.

Mozzarella Sticks

Choose from Buffalo Chicken Wraps served with a Side of Blue Cheese or Chicken Ceasar Wrap Tray.  Both Trays Feed Approx. 20.  $55

Wrap Trays

Large Garden Salad or Veggie Tray $55.  Large Ceasar Salad $55.  Large Chicken Ceasar Salad $65.  Fresh Fruit Salad or Fruit Tray $55.  All Salads Are Made Fresh Daily and Feed Approx. 20.


Medium Campus Mac 'N Cheese $45.  Large Campus Mac 'N Cheese $60. 


Basket of Campus Fries $5.  Basket of Tater Tots $5.  Garlic Bread Tray $30.


Choose from Cola, Blue Raspberry or Cherry. Served in 16oz Cups.  

Serve 12 $45 or Serve 25 $90.

ICEE Packages

Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Hi-C Fruit Punch, Root Beer and Sprite.  

Served by the Pitcher $5/ea.


1/4 Sheet Cake (20 adult size slices) with Buttercream Icing $80.  1/2 Sheet Cake (35 adult size slices) with Buttercream Icing $90.  Cupcakes $20/dozen.  

20 Freshly Baked Brownies $40.  20 Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies $40.  *Must be ordered min of 1 week prior to event.  


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