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About The WILD

The Campus WILD (click HERE for Wild website)  is a Tier II USA Hockey Travel Hockey Club for area hockey players. We are proud members of the Delaware Valley Hockey League (DVHL).  The DVHL is a USA Hockey sanctioned Tier II youth hockey league.  For the 2023-24 season we'll be fielding U8-U18 teams at all Tier II levels.  You'll enjoy our brand new facility, warm up on our turf field and rock our Yeti on your jersey as you let your WILD side loose.

The WILD and ELITE EDGE, Philadelphia's premier hockey training center have teamed up for the 2023-24 season to bring you the most innovative, well thought out and effective curriculum, training and coaching in the Delaware Valley. 

Our Youngest WILD - U6 Boys & Girls - WHIP

Our WHIP program is an introductory

skating/hockey program for the

first-time girl or boy hockey player

between the ages of 4 and 6.

It is a full-season winter program


that teaches the concept of cross-ice

team play in accordance with the

principles of USA Hockey's

American Development Model.

Our goal is to develop every child's

skills so that they are in a great

position to move up to our

U8 (Mite) travel teams.

Once basic skills have been established,

the program places the players onto

an Atoms team, allowing them to play

in-house games against other WHIP teams and then some local games and tournaments against other area programs. Learn more about the WHIP program HERE.

Elite Edge Pre-Tryout Tune Up Clinics @ The Campus - $25

All clinics will include a mix of small area games, skating/skills drills, and full ice drills.

Come check out see our brand new facility, meet our Hockey Director, and find out more about The Campus Wild program. 


U8 - Click Here to Register

March 9 @ 5:30 PM 

March 13 @ 5:30 PM

March 16@ 5:30 PM


U10 - Click Here to Register

March 9 @ 6:45 PM

March 15 @ 6:45 PM 

March 16 @ 6:45 PM 


U12 - Click Here to Register

March 9 @ 6:45 PM

March 15 @ 6:45 PM 

March 16 @ 6:45 PM 


U14 - Click Here to Register

March 29 @ 6:45 PM

April 3 @ 6:15 PM

April 5 @ 6:45 PM


U16/U18 - Click Here to Register

March 29 @ 8:00 PM

April 3 @ 7:30 PM

April 5 @ 8:00 PM


Evaluations / Tryouts For All Teams 

Each spring players will participate in the evaluation/tryout process. This process allows The WILD to see how each player is developing, and place them on a team where their skill level can continue to develop. There will be two scheduled evaluation/tryouts per age group.






















Our WILD Coaches 

All WILD coaches are USA hockey and SafeSport certified, and follow WILD and USA Hockey development models.

Practices and Games 

On average, our teams practice twice a week. We'll play a full DVHL regular season games (plus possible playoffs) and one free travel tournament. The teams travel increasingly more as the players progress through the system. 

CONTACT Ben Weston, our Hockey Director with any questions or for more info at

Tryout Wild.jpeg


The Campus is proud to welcome Ben Weston as our Ice Rink Director. For the last 8 years Ben has been a program director at various rinks in PA and NJ, with a focus on youth hockey.  Ben has also been a primary staff member for USA Hockey’s Atlantic District Player Development Program and assists USA Hockey at the national level helping to identify Under 18 players.


Ben's focus is on development both on and off the ice, creating a passion for ice sports in athletes and developing a good community at the rink. One of the goals of The Campus ice rink will be to build an athlete centric environment where kids of all ages come to earn and be treated with respect, learn the game of hockey or figure skating, and gain an understanding of the value of teamwork and community.

Pre-Tryout Tune Up Clinics
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