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Campus Ice Rink


Join Hockey Director, Ben Weston for three Spring Clinics.  PUCK HANDLING & PASSING, CHECKING, AND SKILLS 
Puck Handling and Passing will take place on Tuesday nights at 7:15PM in April & May.  Scroll down for more details and to register.  For rising and returning Bantams, check out our checking clinic which will give you all the fine points you need to effectively use your body to protect the puck and take it away from the competition!  

Skills Clinics are every Friday at 4:30PM with the following 
added clinics:
THURSDAY 3/30 at 5:15PM
FRIDAY 3/31 at 4:30PM
THURSDAY 4/6 at 5:15PM
THURSDAY 4/13 at 5:30PM
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